Modified liver cleansing according to Hulda Clark

Den Darm fegen und die Leber durchpusten

How can we ensure that pollutants are eliminated from the body? Colon hydrotherapy mobilises residues and toxins from the large intestine. The process is supported by an abdominal massage, ensuring that they are then eliminated from the body.

Cleansing the intestines gives long-term relief to our important detoxification organ, the liver. This is our largest internal organ and it filters around 2000 litres of blood every day, separating out harmful substances that are ingested with food, result from metabolic processes or are absorbed through the intestines. This prevents pollutants entering the body’s circulatory system. At the same time, the liver produces about two litres of bile, which can be loaded with pollutants. Ultimately, the bile ends up in the intestine via the bile ducts and can then be disposed of in the stool. Colon hydrotherapy in connection with manual abdominal treatment also stimulates the intestinal lymphatic system and supports detoxification. Repeated applications activate the lymphatic system, so that the whole body is relieved and drainage is guaranteed.

Next, the liver is cleansed in a liver detox procedure: Liver cleansing is a holistic therapeutic approach that also activates the lymphatic system. The lymph in turn takes on an important function in cleansing the connective tissues. It transports deposits, environmental pollution and metabolic waste away from the tissues and into the bloodstream. This closes the circle due to the large volume of blood supply to the liver.

Treatment procedure

As a rule, colon hydrotherapy takes place on the afternoon of the first day and the liver detox procedure takes a whole day, from around 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with some pauses for rest, and colon hydrotherapy in the evening. A light, digestible meal is recommended afterwards. This intensive programme is concluded with another colon hydrotherapy session on the third day. This ensures that everything which has been mobilised by the liver cleanse is also drained away. There is also an alternative programme in which the liver cleanse does not take place during the day but rather overnight.

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