Personalised DETOX

Prior to a revitalisation treatment, a thorough cleanse should have been carried out, such as colon hydrotherapy plus a liver detox. Specific regenerative procedures are then applied according to the patient's medical issue, such as lymphatic drainage, deacidification baths and stimulation of the microcirculation.

Lymphatic drainage

Pneumatic (24-chamber) compression therapy is an effective decongestion treatment with a long-lasting effect. Thus built up fluid can leave the tissues, for example.

The first documented descriptions of lymphatic disorders and compression therapy date from the time of Hippocrates. We include lymphatic drainage in our therapy in order to reduce fluid build-up and protein deposits. These accumulate in the case of venous insufficiency, lymphoedema or after tissue trauma due to operations and injuries, among other things. Apparatus-based compression therapy is carried out using trousers or a jacket with 24 air chambers, which look a bit like outsized ski trousers or a ski jacket. The sequential rhythmic pumping typical of 24-chamber pneumatic compression therapy thereby plays a central role. It is pleasant and relaxing and most patients fall asleep during treatment. Treatment usually lasts an hour and can be carried out several times on the same day.


Magnetic field therapy ensures better microcirculation throughout the body and optimises blood flow to the smallest vessels. Nutrient supply is improved, detoxification is supported and the capacity for regeneration is optimised.

Physical vascular therapy with the BEMER Pro® has been incorporated into the treatment to support detoxification during the procedure This is a professional magnetic field therapy device that emits imperceptible impulses which specifically stimulate the blood flow in the capillaries, the smallest vessels in our circulatory system. The aim is to supply the cell with oxygen and nutrients and also to remove metabolic waste products and pollutants from the tissues.

This is how it works: Vasomotion is rhythmic contraction which regulates the blood flow in the small arterial vessels. It controls blood flow and distribution in the capillaries. In a healthy person, the rhythmic movements of the vessel walls take place around three times every minute. In sick or debilitated people this sometimes only occurs once every ten minutes. The activated or normalised microcirculation improves the supply of nutrients to and removal of waste products from the cells. This makes it easier for the connective tissue to release toxins and for the vegetative nervous system to become harmonised.

Bathing osmosis: Detox through the skin

Bathing osmosis during deacidification baths activates targeted detoxification through the skin and deposits can be flushed out.

The practice of taking full baths lasting several hours can be traced back to the ancient cultures of Japan, Egypt, Greece, Italy and Mexico. Baths lasting for hours were also known as leaching baths and formed an integral part of the bathing tradition for balancing health.

In my practice, alkaline full baths with a pH value of 8 are carried out in the Hydroxeur 600 by Trautwein. The effect is based on balancing the concentration of soluble substances from the tissues by means of diffusion through the skin. In this bathing osmosis, the skin serves as an important excretory organ, whereby acids and toxins are discharged over its surface area of approximately two square metres and via the channels it contains, which have a total length of over 40 kilometres. To deacidify through the skin and to stimulate the lymphatic system, the bath should last at least 45 minutes. The following rule applies: The longer the alkaline bath takes, the more effective it is, also for the lymphatic system.

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